Hello from Slovenia!

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Hello from Slovenia! Empty Hello from Slovenia!

Post  Aria Bragalini on Wed Jan 11, 2012 6:02 pm

I am Aria and i am 12 years old. I like dance: Hip- hop, Break Dance, Jazz Ballet, Ballet, Show dance, Step, Shuffle...
I play guitar. My name in Italia means: SKY. My fother is from Italia, My mum is from Slovenia. I have long gold hair and broun eyes. I have one brother older than me and one younger. I can't wait to see you.
I will defenetly come in Romunia, i am sure that we will have big fun.

Love, Aria. Razz
Aria Bragalini
Aria Bragalini

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Hello from Slovenia! Empty Sureeem/

Post  Carlla on Thu Jan 12, 2012 10:48 pm

Hi. I`m Carla and I`m from Romania. I am so happy that you want to come here. You`ll see amazing places and you`ll have fuuuun .Smile) Can`t wait to see you !>:d< If you have Facebook or Messenger..can you leave here your Id or your username?Smile Very Happy cat Basketball Basketball

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